Cistern: Does your Property have one?

A friend of mine is having some work done on their home right now. It’s a single family home in the Independencia neighborhood.. One of their big ticket items was revamping their water system. Originally they had low water pressure and were looking for better pressure and a filtration system. Their contractor also recommended something that they hadn’t thought of: a cistern. In the end, they went with the added project and feel confident that the addition of the cistern would save them a headache down the road.

Here in Vallarta, our water company is called SeaPal. They supply the city with clean water that is touted as drinkable. Although I know very few people who venture as far to drink it! But certainly it is just fine to bathe in, boil your pasta in, or brush your teeth with. Water is piped up straight to homes fro the street. Usually the water pressure is just fine depending on where your nearest pumping station is. In my friend’s case, the water pressure wasn’t stellar so her contractor ended up putting in an electric pump to help speed things up.

You may have noticed the large, black, heavy duty plastic containers that sit atop the majority of homes here. These are “tinacos” and hold water from the street. In the event that the water is turned off by the city for maintenace, your home will have whatever is stored in the tinaco. These containers hold about 10,000 liters of water. If you are a couple that like to bathe regularly, this amount of water may only last you a day. This is why many people opt to have a cistern. These subterranean water holding pits, for lack of a better word, can hold far more water. This is desirable in the event that the water goes out and you have guests and need a decent backup supply. Another benfefit of the cistern is that you will have better water pressure. As Vallarta continues to grow, SeaPal has greater demand. It’s wise to have your constant supply on your property as opposed to relying on the water that comes straight from the street.

Does your home have a cistern? How is your water pressure? I would love to hear from you in the comments below! -John

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