Financing in Mexico: Is it an option?

In the US and Canada, it is quite commonplace to use financing of some sort to buy a home. Here in Mexico, it varies greatly in that most buyers in Puerto Vallarta are cash buyers. Financing in Mexico is admittedly a little tricky, and a potentially far more costly than what foreigners are used to North of the Border. Nevertheless, it is worth investigating all your options when shopping for your dream vacation or retirement home. In short, financing is an option…. read on to find out more.

D'esire Puerto Vallarta financing in mexico


The most common way you will see a financing option here in Puerto Vallarta is when shopping preconstruction condominiums.

Real estate developers, especially those catering to foreign clients, generally offer a few financing options to potential clients.

Most of the financing in Mexico options will require 20% – 80% down, with the balance to be paid within the few years that construction takes. Some developers implement interest rates, so pay close attention to those if you select a condo with that option.

If you’re on a tight budget and you don’t need to move into a place in Mexico right away, you might want to consider buying something from a developer preconstruction. You can save about 20% off the price of a finished unit and it’s generally easier to get developer financing in Mexico.

If you do choose to buy a unit preconstruction, you’ll still need to have capital to put down to make it work.

Here’s a preconstruction payment plan taken from our in-house development D’esire in the Romantic Zone:


* 30% down payment at the time of the contract

* 60% due in payments over 18 months 

* 10% due at the time of delivery 

Preconstruction financing is a great option for flexible payment if you choose a building being built by a reputable devleoper that you can trust. I have close to two decades of experience, so please feel free to write me with any questions you may have about Financing in Mexico.


Are you considering investing in real eastate in Puerto Vallarta? Is Financing in Mexico a topic you’d like to learn more about? Feel free to ask any questions you have below in the comments….



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