Flowers in Bloom

If you can’t tell by now, I am a huge fan of Puerto Vallarta’s beautiful plant life. And of course Springtime is the time of year when Mother Nature really goes all out here in PV! The flowers are all blooming and it’s just a sight to behold. This is our dryest time of year where trees have been starved of water for basically 6 months. As all their leaves fall off, they produce their beautiful flowers as a last effort to spread their seeds in the case that they die. Not only is it beautiful to see, it is also a reminder of how cool nature is.

In my home garden, my gardenia plant finally produced four little flower buds, and the first opened up on Monday. The smell is just incredible!

gardenia flowers puerto vallarta

I also have a jasmine plant that has overnight produced about 8 little flower buds that I predict will be blooming anyday now. Here in Vallarta, there are 4 different varieties of Jasmine that you can find at your local nursery. All of them smell heavenly!

jasmine flower varieties puerto vallarta

Did you know there were so many types of Jasmine? 

Another iconic bloom this time of year is the “Cuna de Moises”, or Peace Lily in English. These beautiful flowers are sure signs that it’s Springtime in the Bay.

flowers peace lily puerto vallarta

And of course, strolling through town right now is an basolute treat. The buganvilias are in their prime with bright fuschia,pink,orange, and white blooms. The bright yellow Primavera trees are starting to dry out as they end their annual bloom. The pink Amapas trees still look fantastic! Spring has sprung and with it, we hope that our city continues to grow and recover from out temporary setback from the Covid-19 contingency. Businesses are slowly reopening and we see more people out on the streets enjoying the beautiful weather.

What are you favorite flowers in PV? I would love to hear from you in the comments below! -John


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