Hurricane Season in Puerto Vallarta!

Here we are midway through the summer and the rainy time of the year in Puerto Vallarta. As we finish up the month of August and head into September, we are seeing more rainfall and consistent storms as as Hurricane Season approaches.

In Puerto Vallarta, the majority of tropical storms and hurricanes pass by us in the month of September. Although there have been famous storms that have hit PV in October as well. By now, you have noticed if your home has any leaks that need attending to. September statistically sees greater rainfall, so it’s ideal to patch up any problems that you notice now. You may have to wait until dry season in November to do a truly good reparation job as it can be hard to waterproof in the wet and humid weather.

Hurricanes luckily do not tend to enter the Bay of Banderas because of the Sierra Madre mountain range that extends to the south of our Bay and break up storms before they reach us. However, that is not to say that PV is impervious to storm damage. Famous Hurricane Kenna made a turn and came directly into the Bay in 2002 and caused considerable damage to the Malecon area of downtown.

Heavy rainfall from storms that dissipate and continue inland towards Guadalajara can still affect PV as they create large storms in the mountains that cause our rivers to swell and flood. For this reason, it is not safe to swim in our rivers in these months. You just never know if there is a storm higher up river that can cause flash flooding especially in the afternoons.

Whether you’re a resident or visiting, Stay safe this Hurricane Season in Puerto Vallarta! -John


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