Mexico Life on HGTV- Christina’s episode has aired!

I just want to invite you all to check out tonight’s episode of Mexico Life on HGTV. Boardwalk’s very own Christina Larson is the featured real estate agent. Not only is she my trusted business partner, she is a fantastic person that truly is passionate about finding her clients their dream homes. “Finding Peace in Puerto Vallarta” is the name of tonight’s episode.

The HGTV episode follows Rebecca and Todd from Studio City, California as they look at 4 different properties in the Puerto Vallarta area. Christina showed them a variety of options that hit many of the points on their wish lists. In the end, this couple found their dream home here in Puerto Vallarta and remains close friends with Christina today. I won’t give away which property they ended up choosing. Instead, I hope you can tune in tonight to watch.

I love the Mexico Life program, not only for the real estate content, but also because it’s such a great reminder how beautiful Puerto Vallarta is! They always feature the buyers on outdoor tours, or enjoying highlights of this city.

Have you ever watched Mexico Life on HGTV? Be sure to tune in tonight to see Christina Larson! – John

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