Plaza Caracol Puerto Vallarta

Plaza Caracol is a full service shopping and commercial center in the Hotel Zone of Puerto Vallarta. In Spanish, the word for mall is “plaza”, so many local shopping centers will start with this word. This particular mall is an older one, but still offers a fantastic variety of services and entertainment options for residents. From paying your internet bill, to watching a movie, to even testing your luck at the casino, Plaza Caracol is a place you will definitely find yourself from time to time!

Located right on the main highway, Plaza Caracol is centrally situated. There is a Soriana grocery market inside which is a full service grocery store with all the typical departments found at competitors like La Comer and WalMart. There is a wide variety of shopping which includes clothing stores, furniture stores, and more. There is a very extensive technology center located in the parking lot on the west side of the mall. The “Punto de la Tecnologia” is a fantastic place for any technlogy needs. They can unlock cell phones from the US, fix your laptop, and sell you any accessory you may need… and at incredible prices!

There is a movie theater, food court, bowling alley, trampoline park, kids’ play area, arcade, and variety of delicious eateries. My favorite daytime lunch stop is a little cafe called Loncheria el Guero. They have delicious Mexican food and fresh squeezed juices. Many clients will contract telephone and internet services with Telmex, therefore finding themselves at Plaza Caracol to visit the offices on site. There is also an AT&T cell provider, and TelCel office. CosmoRed internet office is upstairs.

Needless to say, Plaza Caracol is a one-stop shopping center for so many of your needs. I highly recommend checking out this local landmark.

Have you ever been to Plaza Caracol? I would love to hear your comments below!- John

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