Puerto Vallarta Hot Springs: Jorullo Paraiso

Puerto Vallarta Hot Springs? Yes, it’s true. One more thing to add to your PV Bucket List!

El Jorullo Paradise, or UMA as it is also known as, is a beautiful place just about an hour and 15 minutes up the Cuale River from downtown PV. Located in a small, mountain town in the ejido of El Jorullo, you will feel like you are in a totally different world! Here is the map with directions from downtown. https://goo.gl/7sup3o The road starts out as cobblestones and turns into dirt, which is apt for most vehicles.

These Puerto Vallarta hot springs are fed from a natural warm “ojo de agua”. There are 9 different pools ranging in size. You pay anywhere from $150 pesos to $500 pesos for 3 hours of use.

There is also a large pool that costs $30 pesos/person for full day use. It is open Friday- Sunday and from November to April.

puerto vallarta hot springs uma

The on site restaurant serves delicious traditional Mexican food and handmade tortillas. It’s the perfect place to spend a Sunday! If you are looking for a weekend spent in the mountains, they also have 4 hotel rooms for rent. The setting is peaceful and idyllic!

puerto vallarta hot springs

Have you ever been to Puerto Vallarta Hot Springs, El Jorullo? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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