Puerto Vallarta Real Estate tip: Jacaranda gardening

Todays Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Tip is something easy and fun to do in PV- gardening. I don’t have a yard so I plant things- especially¬†Jacaranda trees- where I think they will do well and look nice! If you have never seen a Jacaranda in bloom, they are arguably the most beautiful tree on earth. So far, after driving to get seeds, we have planted 51 trees in the Puerto Vallarta area. The biggest so far is outside the Boardwalk Realty office next to Lan’s – it’s approx 8′ tall now.

If you enjoy gardening and leaving the world a better place, I am the realtor for you. I come from a family that didn’t feel well in the Spring if their hands were not in dirt. I guess I inherited it and it seems to be infectuous! Many of my clients that own in PV now have livened up the landscape by gardening with Jacaranda starts at their new homes!

I know it sounds crazy, but when you are all suntanned and are looking to add some daytime activities to the mix (as well as good exercise) have some fun with the incredible tropical plants, flowers and yes, even Jacaranda trees!

If you find yourself with seeds (you can order them on line or just drive to San Sebastian and pick up a pod or two. We recycle plastic containers by cutting holes in the bottom. Water once a week in the dry season and let them drain, they don’t like to always be wet. Let me know if you are interested, I may have a starter or two I can give you!

Jacaranda Trees


Have you ever seen a Jacaranda Tree? What is¬† your favorite tree in Puerto Vallarta? I would love to hear from you about gardening in the comments below….

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