Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Tip: Boveda Ceilings

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Tip: Boveda Ceilings!

What IS a Boveda Ceiling exactly? Of Roman origin, a boveda ceilingis a type of ceiling that is vaulted made from a low arch of brickwork. It is constructed by laying bricks lengthwise over a wood form or “centering”, and has a much gentler curve than most other methods of construction. They are mostly cosmetic, adding a stunning series of arches to any room without taking any wall or floor space!

In its simplest form, it is an arched ceiling, softening the lines and adding architectural interest to the lines. 

However, because the Boveda is meant to be interesting, many of the fine craftsmen can get creative with the concept as shown in this photo. Drawing from the corners, the curves attract the eye to the chandelier, making this entrance a fantastic first impression to your guests.

With more and more architects leaning toward simplistic, sometimes “blocky” design, a boveda ceiling can add curves and interest, making your room both practical and spectacular! Check out the fabulous work on this ceiling, making this simple sitting room a work of art.

As one might guess with its Roman roots, the Boveda ceiling can be seen in many of the cathedrals both big and small here in Mexico. Next time you go in one, remember to look up and see the artistry of the amazing craftsmen of the Boveda Ceiling.