Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Tip: Cool Rentals

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Tip: Cool Rentals

Have you ever walked around in town a few days and find yourself thinking “I want to expand my horizons. I’m ready for an adventure”?

There are many here but getting out to see the areas in a fun vehicle is a good one! Be it north or south up the coast of Banderas Bay or heading East into the hills is a fun one for sure. There are many companies around that rent a variety of vehicles from Jeeps, Harleys, ATV’s, dirt bikes and even the urban legend: the moped!

It’s not really that expensive for a memorable day as one Jeep can take 4 people- divide it up and it’s about the price of a good dinner. Here’s a photo of the latest craze, a CanAm Spyder

I hear they are not for everyone but devotees love them. They should, at $53,000 USD (to own) this had better be more fun than a Mercedes!

In any case, check out Cool Rentals, rated 4.7 stars by Trip Advisor reviewers after many reviews. I have not used them personally, but they have a lot of, well, cool vehicles and the rentals are not expensive (A Jeep is about $160 USD for the day). Here’s their site:


Expand your horizons, check out a rental while on vacation!

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