Puerto Vallarta Real Estate tip: Is our real estate market seasonal?

A question we are often asked about investing in a dream home here in Puerto Vallarta is “Do you think I can strike a better deal in the low season?” In other words, is our real estate market seasonal?

First, let me tell you what the seasons are like in PV. It may be the opposite of what you are used to if you live in the colder climates in the US or Canada! There, you may endure 8 months of cold, wet winters to get to your lovely summer weather. Here in PV, those cold months in your home town are the best months to be here! From November through May you would likely describe the weather as “perfect” with moderate temperatures and no rain! We get 85% of our rain during our warm summers with the wettest and hottest months being July, August and September. For that reason, PV is perfect for Snowbirds!

So you might wonder, is investing in Vallarta seasonal? Will you strike a better deal if you wait until tourists return to the north to look at, and potentially invest in property here?? Not likely. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Our summers are not slow in real estate. Mexican Nationals flock to the coast from Guadalajara and other large cities and we get a surprising amount of North American tourists too. Our “slow season” isn’t slow anymore!
  2. The market is too active to be a passive buyer. We still have a lot of great homes on the market but they are selling fast. Serious buyers can travel here easily if they feel the right place is available and they do!
  3. Lastly, homes are simply a large enough investment that prices do not rise and fall with the seasons. Remember, our rainy season is 3 months, it’s not long enough that sellers cannot wait. Don’t hurry finding your dream home, but when you do, don’t procrastinate.


In lively real estate markets, “waiting” can be a costly strategy. You might well lose the home to someone ready to jump on a good deal! A better strategy is to consult with your real estate expert to actively work at find the right place, no matter the season!  You will be glad you did when you are enjoying your fabulous new home in Puerto Vallarta!

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