Puerto Vallarta Real Estate tip: Tips about buses!

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When in PV a mistake many visitors make is presuming they are limited to the area their hotel is in because they only walk. However, this can be overcome and you can see other areas, beaches, towns if you expand your limits by learning how to ride in our excellent buses in Puerto Vallarta!

Besides a good (and really cheap) way to expand your world, they can be a scene in themselves. While buses are licensed, they are typically privately owned so they are often quite personalized! From religious themes to cranked Banda music, you never know what you are going to see!

A great way to explore the city (or any city) is to just get on a bus that has a recognizable area (like say, “Marina”) sign in the window. Jump off by any major intersection and you will likely see lots of other people waiting for their ride. Most speak English incidentally (we are a tourist town) and culturally people are only too happy to help guide you around. Go for a walk, drop a few breadcrumbs and come back to the intersection you stepped off at and head back to your zone- usually one of the “big three” in town: Hoteles (north where the Sheraton is) Centro (where the big cathedral is) or Zona Romantica (across the river where the fun is!).

Check out this link for more (great) information and remember, worst case is you grab a taxi and pay a bit more. Trust me, it’s worth it!

Here’s the link: https://vallartalifestyles.com/puerto-vallarta-buses-dummies?fbclid=IwAR3oVG9ziNu_7jZ2CHQZ2aIRRrno93DaWuqMdzArVfvbZU2Ujs7cEGn5BEQ

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