Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Tip: Zoom!

Good morning everyone! It’s the first day of June and we are seeing plenty of movement in Puerto Vallarta Real Estate! Nobody knew what to expect back in March when news of the coronavirus began to spread. It has been interesting to see the reaction of both buyers and sellers at this time. Like I always say, being a seller in Puerto Vallarta has its benefits as property values hold very well here. The vast majority of homes are purchased via cash, so bank foreclosures do not affect the market here like they do in the United States. Nevertheless, there are price reductions popping up as certain sellers choose to liquidate.

As travel restrictions remain in place for some regions, many interested buyers are requesting virtual home tours from their agents. This is a fantastic way to get to see properties that interest you in an up close and personal way. Here at Boardwalk, all agents are offering this service to clients, with fantastic response. People love the ability to get inside the homes that have been on their Puerto Vallarta Real Estate radar. The apps of choice for virtual tours are FaceTime, Zoom, and WhatsApp video. It seems that most people have stepped up their tech savy ways in the last few years, and especially months and find these apps quite user friendly.

For those buyers that are here in Puerto Vallarta, we are definitely taking precautions when we show properties in person. Our number one tip is that if a buyer is not totally ready to purchase that they do not come out on a showing. This helps avoid the heartache that is inevitable when an excited buyer sees a property and falls madly in love, just to be disappointed when another buyer comes along with an offer. For those buyers that are ready and are touring, don’t forget your face mask and hand sanitizer. Social distancing is still good practice. And have your agent pick you up as opposed to a taxi or Uber as we keep our cars spotless!

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