Signs of Spring in Puerto Vallarta

Spring time is arguably one of the most beautiful times of year in our beloved little city. Once mid-March rolls around, every long time resident of PV will agree that the ocean breeze feels a little warmer and the sights and sounds of Spring are welcomed by all.

One of the tell-tale signs of Spring in the region is the blooming of the aptly named Primavera trees.

Primavera tree Puerto Vallarta

These yellow stunners give that amazing pop of color as you make your way throughout town. A true Spring time treat! As many other plants and trees begin to look bare and dry this time of year, the Primaveras give us that festive yellow color.

Spring time also brings warmer ocean temperatures, which makes for great swimming. While air temps are still mild, albeit warming up, water temperatures start to feel really good this time of year. So break out your favorite swimsuit and enjoy the perfect conditions.

Snorkel Puerto Vallarta

For homeowners, Spring time is a great time of year to catch up on any needed maintenance or repair work. Getting in last minute projects like water proofing roofs and exterior walls, tuning up AC units, and trimming back plants and trees is a good idea.  Improvements on your property at this time will make the rainy summer months go smoothly for you and your home.

Spring time in PV

I hope all of you are enjoying this most magical time of the year in our beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta. As the days roll along, we get closer and closer to Summer which is beautiful in its own different and special way!

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