Summerproofing your House: It’s time!

Springtime in Puerto Vallarta is a gorgeous time of year! I am definitely loving the low humidity, gentle breezes, and colorful flowers. It’s hard to imagine that in just a month or so, rainy season will be here. May is the most popular month for Summerproofing homes in PV. Summerproofing is the art of making your home water and humidity resistant, and keeping all your belongings in great shape. Newcomers to PV need time to master the art of this important method. Here are a few tips on how to Summerproof your home this rainy season that I hope will save you unexpected issues in the coming months.

1. Waterproof flat roofs

Any seasoned resident of PV, will tell you that the first step to avoiding most of the problems created by rainy season is to effectively waterproof your flat roof. Summerproofing starts on the outside of your home and works its way in. Sealing a roof and any areas where pipes enter your home is essential to keeping your interior in good shape. “Impermeabilizante” is the word for the sealant that you will need to have poured on your roof. I definitely recommend hiring an experienced worker to do this very important task.

2. Keep good air flow

For those that live ocean front, you have a head start and advantage when it comes to maintaining good airflow to the interior of your home. But homes in high rises, on hill sides, or in open areas will also naturally get good airflow which will give your interior the ability to dry out and keep moisture from accumulating on furniture. If you do not have good airflow (or even if you do!) you need to work at keeping fans, a/c units, and dehumidifiers running as needed. Open up windows and sliding doors when it’s not raining to allow as much fresh air in as possible.

3. Summerproof your closet

Unfortunately mold can be an issue that we need to be ready to battle. In the most humid of months (i.e. September)  when it rains and is cloudy more than it is sunny, mold can start to pop up on fabrics. Store anything leather in airtight plastic bags or containers. Invest in small dehumidifiers for your closets as well as the containers of Damp-Rid which are little balls that absorb moisture from the air. The more proactive you are, the better your wardrobe and shoe collection will fare.

summerproofing puerto vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Tip: DampRid is available at Costco

4. Cut back your garden

Summer is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL time of year here in PV. The rain turns our town into a true Tropical Paradise. Lush green foliage is everywhere you look. Your garden, no surprise, will go through an incredible “growth spurt” to put it mildly if left unchecked. Summerproofing also applies to your garden. If you have large trees, now is a good time to do some serious pruning. Expert landscapers are actually quite agressive with cutting back plants here during late spring, as they will grow even more beautiful with the summer rains. Dont be afraid to clean up your garden in preparation for rainy season.

5. Do you need help?

Many residents of PV are seasonal. If you are not living in town during summer, I would recommend having someone, be it a neighbor, friend, or professional property manager commit to checking on your home for you during the summer. A weekly walkthrough to turn on air conditioning units and check for any leaks is a very good idea. Regular maid service is also a good idea, it keeps your place from accumulating moisture and mold.  If there are any issues, you wont have to wait months to find out when you get back in town.


What are some of your essential Summerproofing tips and strategies? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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