Conchas Chinas FAQ

Conchas Chinas is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in all of Puerto Vallarta. This hillside “colonia” is located just 5-10 minutes south of Puerto Vallarta’s Romantic Zone. Home to some of the most iconic hillside mansions of Puerto Vallarta, Conchas Chinas has been likened to the Beverly Hills of PV. In reality there is an array of housing options in this neighborhood.

Living on the ‘South Shore” means a super peaceful and quiet lifestyle. There are no corner stores, restaurants, or commercial entities in this neighborhood. It is purely residential. While it is nice to have a car, many residents easily walk into town for all their entertainment needs.

Technically there are two subdivsions to the colonia. Upper and Lower Conchas Chinas are separated by the 200 highway. Living in Upper CC means a steeper ascent to many of the homes, therefore many residents do tend to have vehicles. Living in Lower CC means easy access to the incredibly beautiful local beaches. You can also walk to the Romantic Zone from Lower CC.

playa conchas chinas beachBeautiful rock formations create a paradise of a beach with great swimming!

Conchas Chinas is famous for incredible ocean views, beautiful architecture, iconic Old Vallarta homes, and tranquility. Living in this area gives you a taste of the slow life that so many of us crave. Pinned between the Jungle covered mountains and the sapphire waters of the Pacific, there is no better place to call home.

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