The evolution of Punta de Mita

Punta Mita

Beautiful beaches of fine golden sand, soft waves of crystalline waters and an ocean composed of beautiful coral reefs and an exuberant marine fauna, that is Punta de Mita, a paradise in Riviera Nayarit on the Mexican Pacific coast.

Many years ago, Punta de Mita was only a fishing village and a destination of those who love surfing with the firm idea of ​​conquering the waves and let the days pass with nothing to worry about.

The most luxurious hotels

In the 90s everything changed and opted for development for tourism exploitation, it would no longer be a secret of a few, to become a destination that everyone would talk about.   The first development was the Four Seasons Hotel sharing the territory later with the St Regis. In this area, there are private properties that behind their walls hide very famous people that only here can find peace without anyone chasing them for a photo.

Los Veneros – A real estate development with Resort, residences and beach club, and is where the hotel W Punta Mita is located

Litibú – The development created by Fonatur where one of the best golf courses in the world designed by Greg Norman is located. In addition to dreamy beaches, long and untouched even in several sections.

Higuera Blanca-  Small town very close to Litibú and where the Imanta Punta Mita hotel is located.

If you want to experience a luxury vacation kind of living, Punta Mita is the place to do it.

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