Steps to get you ready to buy in Puerto Vallarta

Strategize in preparation to buy in Puerto Vallarta

There’s been a lot written over the years on seller preparedness before you sell your home. What about preparing yourself before you buy in Puerto Vallarta? This article will focus on a few easy strategies to have an easier time finding the property you want at a reasonable price!

Buy in Puerto Vallarta

Study the market

In preparation to buy in Puerto Vallarta, a great place to start is by getting to know the market. It is of course helpful to know what’s up for sale, but more importantly, ask your realtor what has sold. Look at comparable sales in the areas where you considering living gives you a great price baseline before youbuy in Puerto Vallarta. Your real estate professional will be happy to prepare a CMA (comparative market analysis), highlighting similar sales. For sales that show as higher sales price per square meter, ask why? There may be an expensive remodel, that you don’t have to do which increases the value of the property.

Get to know the city

One of the most important things you can do before you buy a home is to really get to know the different areas of the city. If you’re here in Puerto Vallarta, its easy enough to walk around the different areas. Make sure to check out where your nearest restaurant and grocery stores would be. Where would you go to grab staples that you may have forgot on your big Costco shop? Also, pay attention to walkability. If you are going to be renting your property out as a vacation rental, it is very important that there are some interesting places to walk to, and relatively nice walking conditions.

Understand the touring process in PV

Unlike our northern neighbor, here in Puerto Vallarta the touring process requires a bit of planning. First off, there is no lock-box system. The agent representing the seller of the property must come out to open the property to open and show the buyer and representative around. For this reason it is necessary for your real estate professional to strategically plan the tour, taking into consideration distances between the properties on your wishlist, traffic conditions and time it will take to get to know the property.

Last minute showings

Here in Puerto Vallarta last minute showings are close to impossible, unless they are your agent’s listings! Viewing properties on a fly-by is really not the best way to access the plentiful resources your agent should have available to you. Furthermore, with time, your agent will be able to prepare a thoughtful tour that can expose you to diverse parts of the city and the property jewels in each area.

Don’t wait when you find the right one!

Finally, be sure to take your time to make an educated decision. It is really important that you don’t rush into buying, but don’t wait once you find the right property! The market is very hot, and chances are very likely that you will miss out on that “perfect property” if you wait it out.

Remember, The Swanson- Larson team are your eyes in Paradise, to help you find your perfect slice! Contact us, and we will be happy to set up a tour, answer any questions about the buying or selling processes or send listings tailored to your search.

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