Puerto Vallarta 100th Anniversary; from 1918 to 2018!

This year, you can’t miss the Puerto Vallarta 100th Anniversary! Indeed, one hundred years ago Puerto Vallarta was a little tiny fisherman village named Las Peñas. Early 19’s Jalisco State was just starting to grow up, little by little, Mascotas became the second bigger town after Guadalajara. We can hardly imagine how tiny were the Towns and Villages around the bay in this times… Anyway, Puerto Vallarta people had to do something for this celebration! A local association prepares an absolutely unique event in this occasion.

Puerto Vallarta 100th anniversary

A local art exhibition to demonstrate Love for Puerto Vallarta 100th Anniversary

Within the framework of celebrations of the “Centennial” of this important destination, 15 artists and a group of curators and creatives, will present to the public a photographic exhibition, called “HUNDRED APPROACHES / HUNDRED IMAGES – The eyes of time embrace Puerto Vallarta-
Independent organizers celebrate Puerto Vallarta in a different, unique and creative way; Artists and entrepreneurs residing in the city will present this spectacular work consisting of more than 100 images describing the historical nature of the port in all its aspects, perspectives and at different stages of its development and history.

A general and independent look through the lens of diverse artists will be enveloped by passion, love, history, entertainment, activities, and music to celebrate Puerto Vallarta. In addition to, this special event will propose workshops, conferences, guided tours, live music concerts. This will be an exhibition never seen before in honor of Puerto Vallarta 100th Anniversary!

Puerto Vallarta 100th Anniversary

From April 15 to April 30, 2018
Blvd. Fco. Medina Ascencio behind our Boardwalk Hotel Zone Office
From 12 to 8 pm
Puerto Vallarta, its people, the general public, lovers of photography, art, culture and who is feeling Puerto Vallarta as his home.

How could you demonstrate your love to Puerto Vallarta on this occasion?

Actually, the organizers of this Puerto Vallarta 100th Aniversary commemoration had a great idea regarding the participation of the expo-visitors! The entrance is free; it is just asked, as support, to purchase a little lock (20 pesos). Then, just like on Le Pont Des Arts of Paris, everyone will be able to lock the one he owns on a sculpture that will stay as a souvenir of the Puerto Vallarta 100th Aniversary.

As a partner of this grand Puerto Vallarta commemoration, Boardwalk Realty is selling the locks for the sculpture. Indeed, we always try to be close and participative in the Puerto Vallarta local life!

Puerto Vallarta 100th anniversry

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