Puerto Vallarta Real Estate tip: Forbes article on Mexico

This week’s Puerto Vallarta Real Estate tip: Forbes loves Mexico!

It’s for sure hard to generalize about living in Mexico. It’s not for everybody in the same way that nothing is for everybody, BUT, Mexico perhaps a bit more so. It’s like that crazy niece that has a bit too much personality for the adults- you love her but are glad when she goes home. Many people love Puerto Vallarta but wouldn’t want to live here.

Then, there’s me. And those like me. We get that it isn’t perfect and that there are things that could be changed but then it wouldn’t be Mexico anymore. People that truly love Mexico don’t love it in spite of its personality but because of it! We know people don’t run a tight schedule here and it’s loud and crazy. These are not negatives to us! We get to be loud and crazy and, in the morning, sleep past the alarm clock. It’s why we came here. We get Puerto Vallarta and Vallarta gets us! We are the kind of people who eat when we’re hungry and drink when we’re thirsty. Most of us threw away our wristwatches years ago and we actually think the alarm clock blinking the time is part of our interior design. We can spend the day in the hammock with the right book.


So don’t worry, if you aren’t ready for this type of lifestyle, we understand. Many of us came from corporate backgrounds “up north” too. We still like you and besides, if it was easy, everyone would be here.


Here is the article, let hit “contact me” and let me know what you think!