Puerto Vallarta Update

It’s now been four months since Puerto Vallarta has been affected by the coronavirus/Covid 19 health contingency. In mid-March, our city became acutely aware of the fact that we would need to take swift action in order to keep everyone safe. Since then, our city has made great efforts to protect its residents. After a few months, the pressure mounted to reopen the economy as everyone here depends heavily on tourism. Now it’s time for an update for all of those wondering how their beloved PV is faring.

Since March 14th, Puerto Vallarta has recorded a total of 1,179 positive cases of Covid-19. As of last Friday, there have been 80 deaths attributed to the virus in our city. Cases remained relatively low until recently. Beaches and hotels have reopened in the last two weeks which has undoubtedly had an impact on our city. Currently in PV, there are throngs of national tourists and a few international tourists. The beaches are crowded as well as the hotels. Since PV decided to reopen these two crucial points in our city, we have seen cases spike. Our governor Enrique Alfaro has been very cautious this whole time, and now understands the gravity of the current uptick in cases. He has put a limit to the numbers of positive cases as well as our city’s hospital saturation. If Jalisco’s numbers continue to climb, then he will issue another complete lockdown.

Around town, I have noticed more people in local neighborhoods wearing masks. In the beginning of the pandemic, there seemed to be resistance to the facemasks, but people seem to be catching on now. This is in stark contrast however to the unmasked visitors that are on the Malecon and hotel lobbies.

Our real estate market has remained amazingly active. There has been an influx of buyers searching our sites for properties. Is it possible that there is now a push for people to find their true dream homes and dream cities amidst quarrantine lifestyle, where our homes have become the focal point of our lives recently?

I hope you found this update helpful. I hope you are doing well and staying safe. I would love to hear from you in the comments below! -John

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