PV Beaches Reopen TODAY

Today, June 15, 2020,  is a momentous day for residents of Jalisco. After 3 months of strict lockdown, the state has agreed to reopen beaches. PV beaches reopen as well as swimming pools, malls, and gyms.

For the last 3 months, Puerto Vallarta has dilligently cordoned off beaches in the hopes of deterring tourism. The city of Puerto Vallarta was especially strict in their enforcement of rules, trying to control the potential influx of international travelers who could pose a risk to the welfare of residents. Throughout the last few months, there has been a variety of reactions to the strict “No-Beach” and “No Malecon” rule among those living in the city. Today, however that all changes as PV beaches reopen.

Pools also open back up today. Various condominium complexes were enforcing limited to zero pool access the last few months with pool covers. Today, residents and visitors will once again be able to enjoy a dip in the pool. Perfect timing as the weather starts to warm up! The Grand Venetian had removed all pool area chaise lounges in an effort to keep residents in the pool for a minimal amount of time. Today, lounge areas are restored to normal and all owners are welcome back to pool areas.

pv beaches reopen grand venetian


Shopping Centers like La Isla and Galerias will reopen today as well. So do gyms like Vive Fit and The Fit Club. These places will be interesting to observe as they reopen. Will people be anxious to head into closed spaces where germs can potentially spread with more ease? We will see!

Are you excited as PV beaches reopen today? Will you come visit us soon? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below! – John


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