San Sebastian : The Perfect Summer Getaway

As the weather warms up here in Puerto Vallarta, year-round residents look for weekend escapes to cool weather climates. San Sebastian del Oeste is a charming mountain town just 90 minutes outside of downtown PV. This “pueblo magico”, or magical town, is famous for its quiet cobblestone streets, and  charming colonial aesthetic. Temperatures are about 20 degrees farenheit cooler up there and therefore is a popular weekend destination for PV residents.

How to get there…..

From downtown PV, head north until you get to Home Depot. Take the turn to the right and follow the two lane highway towards Las Palmas. Once you pass the agricultural checkpoint in Las Palmas, you will begin to wind up the mountain until you come to the small town of La Estancia. It is here that you take a left turn onto the cobblestone road that will wind you further up the mountain into the sleepy town of San Sebastian. As you get higher in elevation, the air cools, you can roll down your windows, and enjoy the scent of the pine trees. There is a gas station in Las Palmas, but no official stations in La Estancia or San Sebastian, so make sure you fill up closer to PV. There is also public transportation to La Estancia. Then you must take a taxi the rest of the way to San Sebastian del Oeste.

What to do in San Sebastian….

San Sebastian is a place to slow down and relax. There is not an abundance of formal excursions in this small town. Most visitors enjoy having a nice cup of locally grown coffee at El Fortin in the plaza. The plaza itself is the main focal point of the town. You will find many people enjoying the perfect weather and people watching from the plaza. Strolling the charming cobblestones streets is always a popular pasttime as well. There are silver stores that sell jewelry made from the solver that was once mined in this retired mining town.  The other main touristic point of interest is La Bufa. La Bufa is the highest point on the mountain above the village. There is a country road that leads to the top which is over 8,000 ft in elevation. It’s a must do for those wanting an amazing view and adventure. On a clear day you can see to the ocean!

Have you been to San Sebastian del Oeste before? I would love to hear from you in the comments below! -John

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