Tipping in Mexico: the Do’s and Dont’s

Many of my clients ask me about tipping in Mexico. Most people want to do the right thing and compensate the people who are offering services to them. But knowing who to tip and how much is part of the learning proccess. Here are a few tips on tipping in Mexico. I hope you find them useful!

Grocery Baggers

Tipping in Mexico grocery baggers

At most grocery stores here like Walmart, La Comer, Mega, Soriana, Ley, and even small corner stores, there is usually a dedicated grocery bagger. This person will pack up all your items for you in your reusable shopping bags. In the US, these baggers are salaried employees that do not receive tips. Not in Mexico! Here it is customary to tip these workers. What is an appropriate tip? That always depends on you, but I would say 5 pesos is typical for a light load of groceries. If you had a large load that was time consuming or involved special wrapping of fragile items, feel free to tip these people more!


Taxi Drivers

tipping in mexico taxi drivers

Tipping taxi drivers is somewhat of a debated topic these days. Traditionally, taxi drivers are not tipped for a standard taxi service; that is picking you up and dropping you off at your destination. However, I believe that if your taxi driver helps you carry any groceries or luggage to your doorstep, then they deserve a tip. Or if your taxi driver makes a stop for you and needs to wait while you run into the bank, then I would definitely compensate them for their time. How much is up to you!


Tour Guides

tipping in mexico tour guides

Vallarta is famous for its array of tour options. From outdoor adventure to urban walking tours, there are so many fantastic ways to get out and see our beautiful city. Don’t forget to tip your fantastic tour guide! These knowledgeable people keep you safe, informed, and show you a great time. Please don’t forget to tip them at the end of the tour. As one of my zip-lining guides said once at the end of the tour, “We like Twenties, and not the blue ones!” Depending on the duration of the tour and how much personal attention your guide gives you, I would say $10-20 US per person is right on.

Do you have any questions about Tipping in Mexico? I am happy to connect with you in the comments below……



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