Top 5 Plants for Landscaping in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta has incredible weather that plants just love! We have lovely temperate weather in the spring and winter, while summer and fall are humid. If you’ve spent some time in PV, you will begin to recognize the plants used in landscaping here. Residences, businesses, and public areas tend to use similar plants which give Vallarta its local look and aesthetic that we’ve all grown to love so much! Check out these Top 5 plants that you will undoubtedly come across in Puerto Vallarta landscape design!

1. Buganvilia

Probably the most iconic┬áplant in PV’s repertoire, the buganvilia is a colorful addition to the landscape. Basilio Badillo street is a testament to the beauty of this festive floral. When planting buganvilia in your home, be ready to rake! The beautiful blooms do fall regularly.

2. Croton

These colorful plants have thick waxy leaves of many different colors. Red, green, and yellow are brightly displayed. These plants can be maintained small and stylishly fill planter boxes. They can also grow to be tree size, but they do grow very slowly. They do great as indoor plants as well.

3. Peace Lily

Called “Cuna de Moises” in Spanish (Moses’ Basket) for the shape of the beautiful white flowers that bloom every May. This is a lovely, low maintenance plant that does well in shade. The white flowers bloom in late Spring.

4. Duranta

This plant is very durable and is a very popular choice for hedges here in PV. It is noted by its delicate foliage that turns light green with the sun, and a darker green in the evening. It is a well loved ornamental by jardineros who specialize in landscaping.

5. Ixora

Known as West Indian Jasmine in English, Ixora are shrubs that are famous for their bright orange flowers. The tiny delicate flowers bloom year round. These shrubs can grow to be quite high and are therefore used as privacy landscaping as well.


What are some of your favorite plants for landscaping in Puerto Vallarta? I would love to hear from you in the comments below! – John


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